School uniforms made easy!

The idea to create Academia Couture didn't happen overnight. It took a couple of events over the course of a few years to ignite the inspiration to create a new type of uniform company that would positively impact the families that invest in uniforms, the children who wear them and most importantly, to impact the schools who are challenged by budgetary and financial constraints.

My first experience with school uniforms was when my 18 month old my daughter started preschool. The idea that I had to pay $22 for a miniature sized polo whose quality was suspect at best was eye opening.  As the months passed the polos began to fade and in the end my $110 investment wasn't worthy of a Goodwill donation. 

Wanting better quality I invested time buying toddler size polos at retail stores and paying to have the school logo embroidered.  Although she was wearing better quality, the savings were marginal and it required an investment of my time as I had to make several stops.  Time is something that for a working couple raising a young child I consider a luxury and thought - "there has to be a better way!"

A couple years later we enrolled our daughter in elementary school and was advised by the registrar that we needed to visit the local uniform store to purchase mandatory uniforms.  The school handed me a flyer and I was on my way to the uniform store excited that my baby was growing up fast and would soon be starting kindergarten.  After a few minutes in the store I walked out empty handed and found myself once again unsatisfied with garment quality and surprised by the high cost of low quality.  As I drove away I realized how unfair it is to have limited options in school uniforms and that I couldn't be the only one who felt this way. All I wanted was a better value proposition: a better uniform worthy of the price. 

Curious, I began to speak with friends who have school aged children and quickly realized that no one had anything good to say about their uniform buying experience.  Everyone shared the same concerns: bad quality, fading colors, unfriendly customer service and the nightmare ordeal of the crowds and hectic lines.  It was time to reinvent the process of uniform buying process so I began to brainstorm. 

After being a sales and brand ambassador for many household names such as H.J. Heinz, Georgia Pacific, Dixie Foodservice and Grosfillex for nearly 20 years, I felt that it was time to take all of my sales and marketing experience and take a leap of faith and soon after Academia Couture was born. 

Academia Couture was created with a few core values in mind:  to save you time and money, provide premium better quality uniforms compared to what is currently being offered and  to create a vehicle so that a portion of the revenue from your uniform spend goes back to your school for improvements.  I believe that providing superior quality at affordable prices with the option of embroidered school logos where your school can benefit from your annual uniform spend without having to leave your home is a win-win proposition compared to a process that hasn't changed since the sale of uniforms became a business.

My hope is that you give Academia Couture the opportunity to be your preferred school uniform supplier and that together we can make a difference in our community. My goal is to share the revenue and allow a portion of your uniform dollars work for your school to enhance the scholastic experience for students.  By supporting education we can all take a step together in the right direction so that our children can reach their greatest potential in the future.  

Sincerely yours,
Robert J. Gutierrez
Academia Couture Uniform Co.